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What is happening?

Join the body of Christ in this celebration of communion, known as the “Communion Feast.” The Communion Feast is the commemoration and proclamation of Jesus Christ’s death until He comes. We share a full meal together in much the same way as the disciples shared the Passover meal. It was during Passover that Jesus instituted this new feast of remembrance. At the end of our meal we share the bread and the wine which are symbols of Christ’s body and blood given for us as a substitutionary sacrifice for our sin. They remind us of His obedience and total sacrifice, and call forth thanksgiving and a renewed willingness to follow in His steps of submission to the Father. The Communion feast is not only a time of remembrance but also a time of proclamation. In sharing the bread and the wine together we publicly testify to the centrality of the death and resurrection of Christ to our faith. All that we believe is rooted in Him and what He accomplished at the cross on our behalf. It is a time of celebration for Believers as Christ’s death on our behalf gives us eternal hope through the forgiveness of our sins and the guarantees us entrance into the eternal Heaven. Come and remember the Lord only until He comes again.

Where is this happening?

Hickman Community Church

854 I St. Hickman, CA 95323

Who is this for?

For anyone.

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Communion Feast

Event Details

  • April 29
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm