• May 27


New Equipping Hour Classes

  • May 27


In the Beginning (Genesis 1-11)

In Genesis 1-11, we will examine the origins of the universe, man, marriage, family, the Fall, sin, and judgment. We will also learn how mankind came to be divided into different races and nationalities. Through it all we will see the unconditional love of God and His plan of redeeming man.

Teachers - Darryl Shakeshaft & Jim Werner

Parenting 101

Parenting is not just a task we must do, nor is it a set of pragmatic methods we follow in order to achieve a certain behavior. Parenting is about bringing glory to the God who designed family as an expression of His own character. Parenting can be intimidating, and there is no more weighty responsibility in all the world. Yet parenting is meant to be a joy and not a burden. This parenting class will equip you through Biblical principles to be a successful Christian parent.

Teachers - Andy Woodfield & Gary Acosta Sr.

Eschatology: The Doctrine of Last Things

You’d probably never turn off an exciting movie 15 minutes before the end but many Christians put down their Bible’s when it comes to the end of the Bible’s story- the doctrine of eschatology.
Eschatology is a study of the last things in God's plans- the future plan for individuals-regarding heaven and hell, as well as His future plan for the world- the rapture, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the millennial kingdom and more. If you find that you have ignored the end of God's story, whether from confusion or lack of concern, this class will help clarify what is foggy and cause you to look with great hope and anticipation towards the future you can have in Christ.

Teachers - Andrew Callaway & Josh Pritchett

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored is a “jargon-free introduction to Jesus Christ.” The class is designed to familiarize the students with who Jesus is and why he is of absolute importance to every person who has ever lived. Drawing from the book of Mark, students will explore who Jesus was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him. This is an ideal course for anyone with little or no experience of Christianity.

Teachers - Josh Taylor & Chris Shore

Doxa Student Ministry

Back to the Beginning: A Study of Genesis

A study of the beginning of everything! How do you know where you are going unless you understand where you came from? Genesis is an important book to have a proper biblical worldview in the life of a teenager. Come join us this trimester as we look at the key chapters from the book Genesis. Topics include: the Fall, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel.

Teachers - Joe Acosta & Jeff Porter

Impact Student Ministry

On alternating weeks, Junior High students are taught using Answers Bible Curriculum- a three year program that covers the entire Bible. 3rd Quarter Theme: “God is Faithful” and also Big Truths for Young Hearts - a systematic theology written for children.

Teacher - Bobby Farinha

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